Malcovery  has released new information that all of the major players in online security have missed.GameOver

Normally when we use the term “cracks under pressure”, we are referring to an epic fail.  At least, a not so stellar performance.  However, in the world of high stakes security, corporate espionage, and online malware that can destroy your family’s credit and personal identities, cracking can be looked at in two different lights.

  1. Hacking Cracking Joe – He’s out to getchya.  Sending you spam, texting your cell, waiting for you to take his bate. Phishing and hacking the bad way…
  2. Security firms like Malcovery that hack and crack in the wee hours of the night to help protect you and your online identity.  Hacking and cracking the good way.

We like the latter of the two.  Hacking Cracking Joe, not so much.

From Gary Warner’s post:

“The criminals behind the malware delivery system for GameOver Zeus have a new trick. Encrypting their EXE file so that as it passes through your firewall, webfilters, network intrusion detection systems and any other defenses you may have in place, it is doing so as a non-executable “.ENC” file. If you are in charge of network security for your Enterprise, you may want to check your logs to see how many .ENC files have been downloaded recently.”

More can be found here on Gary’s blog.

I urge you to take a click on over and check it out.  At minimum, just to educate yourself.  If you are a real go getter, have your system’s admins start scanning for .enc files.



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