So, after using branch series SRX’s for a long while, I am very familiar with the process of logging into the other (non-local) RE using the familiar command:

request routing-engine login node x

where x is the number of the other routing engine. But when you are on a high-end/data center SRX (like a 3000/5000 series) doing a request routing-engine ? gives you this:

user@dc-srx01> request chassis routing-engine ?
Possible completions:
  master               Set Routing Engine mastership

Well, that’s no good…and it’s not even a hidden command that you can force on the box, so what gives?

It appears that the correct way to do it on the high-end SRX series is this:

user@dc-srx01>start shell
%rlogin -Jk -T node1
--- JUNOS 11.4R9.4 built 2013-05-02 12:00:00 UTC

assuming that you want to go to node1, obviously you can replace that with node0 if you need to get to node0 from node1. I hope this helps others out there and maybe after 2 or 3 tries at the CLI, you just googled and found this. 🙂

Happy node switching!

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